What is workplace violence?

A workplace violence event may range from a situation between two coworkers, a coworker and member of the public, or involve multiple people. They can occur quickly and escalate rapidly from talking to yelling, and possibly involve the use of weapons. In many situations, people trained to de-escalate a situation can be very effective in defusing a potential situation before it becomes more serious.

How big is the problem?

Workplace violence is a national concern for every industry but especially for healthcare and social service workers. Many workplace violence incidents go unreported because it is inaccurately considered part of the job.  

OSHA Action

OSHA is taking action on Workplace Violence Prevention. On January 10, 2017, OSHA adopted new Compliance Instructions for OSHA compliance officers to use in conducting workplace violence inspections. 

OSHA is considering whether an OSHA performance based standard is needed to protect healthcare and social assistance employees from workplace violence. They are gathering information about the extent and nature of workplace violence in the industry and the nature and effectiveness of interventions and controls used to prevent such violence. 

How is Lockton helping employers?

Lockton wants to help companies prevent workplace violence and prepare for a possible national standard well in advance of it passing into law. To this end, Lockton has created a workplace violence prevention toolkit. The prevention fact sheet is available for download. These additional documents are available upon request:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Sample Policy
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training
  • Workplace Violence Vendor List
  • Active Shooter Response Fact Sheet
  • Armed Intruder Written Program Template for Client Customization
  • Workplace Violence Presentation
  • Workplace Violence Pre and Post Checklist
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