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War and terrorism insurance coverage gives you and your business unique protection from some of the most unpredictable risks in the world.

Lockton’s war and terrorism team offers dedicated and specialist services encompassing all aspects of war, terrorism and political violence in the London and worldwide marketplace. Coverage is available for multi-national programmes, single territory placements and single location placements as follows:

  • Sabotage and terrorism
  • Riots, strikes, civil commotion, and malicious damage
  • Political violence
  • Terrorism construction
  • Third-party liability and employee liability
  • Loss of attraction and event cancellation

Terrorism continues to evolve as an ongoing threat. Lockton’s experts will show you ways to mitigate and manage the risks now and in the future.

Terrorism Crisis Solutions

In uncertain times, businesses operating around the world face a multitude of threats.  As terrorists adapt their methods to inflict mass casualties, existing insurance solutions do not provide the responsive and broad cover that businesses need.  For the first time, businesses can now access one simple modular terrorism insurance policy – Terrorism Crisis Solutions.

An innovative modular product

That is why Lockton has brought together a panel of the London Market’s leading terrorism insurers to offer time, businesses can now access the best that London has to offer through one simple modular terrorism insurance policy – Terrorism Crisis Solutions.

Working with Hiscox, Talbot, Beazley, and XLCatlin, Terrorism Crisis Solutions offers:

  • all-encompassing enhanced cover that responds to the current threat
  • a flexible approach to tailor coverage and limits to your needs
  • a competitive price
  • simplified access to the product

Customise your terrorism cover

Available on a modular basis, subject to underwriter approval, choose from the following areas of terrorism cover to build a policy to perfectly fit the needs and exposures of your business:


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