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Your “go-to” HR advisor and super-connector, Lockton Talent & Culture is offering a massively better way for HR and DEI leaders to access the best-fit solution providers from the global marketplace. Are you looking for a solution provider? Begin your provider search now by entering the Talent & Culture Solutions Portal below and a member of our team will follow up with you to get started.

Navigate rapid transitions during times of uncertainty and opportunity

Employer responsibilities and workforce expectations are everchanging. It’s hard to keep up. Every day brings new challenges to attract, engage, grow and retain the people who drive your business success.

Are you making the right decisions that will allow you to respond effectively, prepare for what’s next and thrive beyond your competition?

How we help

Lockton Talent & Culture’s proprietary consulting method provides clients with the benefit of an all-in-one strategic advisor, advocate and overall experience manager. We guide you from identifying your priorities to achieving your desired outcome, with many of these services performed at no cost to you.

Within our service offerings, we can help you tackle a number of critical workforce areas, including:

Why work with us?

Nimble HR advisor. Many HR advisors are either all strategy or all tactics, leaving a large gap in between. We bridge that gap by delivering strategy in action—the power of expert-driven HR insights connected with a global ecosystem of proven solution providers.

Expert superconnector. As experts on the experts, we keep a pulse on the full marketplace of leading HR practices and solution providers. Think of us as the Switzerland of HR service, software and solution brokers.

Trusted partner. Following Lockton’s uncommonly independent approach, we embrace a collaborative, client-first philosophy. Our data-driven, results-based methods consistently deliver the right solutions to clients’ unique challenges.

Client stories

Data-driven methods deliver real results

We provide end-to-end service—from discovery to delivery—to ensure a consistent, professional experience and measurable outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Client Success: Talent Analytics & Insights

A mid-size engineering firm projected more than 200% efficiency return on investment (ROI) year-over-year using Lockton-vetted and implemented workforce analytics software with predictive insights.




Client Success: Coaching & Leadership Development

A mid-size healthcare technology firm reduced vendor sourcing effort by 90% and saved 30-60% on coaching provider fees.




Client Success: Talent Acquisition

A mid-size professional services firm implemented a candidate relationship management system with full ATS capabilities. They saved 90% of the time they would have normally spent on the vendor sourcing process, saved 54-63% on subscription fees on the finalists and its predicted that the system will result in a 50%+ reduction in time to hire, as well as significantly reduced administrative burden on the HR team.

The Talent & Culture Institute

Our Institute is an initiative of Lockton Talent & Culture designed to foster mutual learning and growth among our clients and communities. Here you’ll find expert insights, events and peer-to-peer engagement to help you get the best out of your people and resources.

Take the first step

HR needs and expectations are changing rapidly. A nimble HR advisor can help you adapt and thrive. Let’s talk about your needs and how we can help.

Are you a Talent & Culture solution provider?

If you are a Talent & Culture consultant, expert, solutions provider or software provider and you would like to learn more about how we connect our clients with quality providers from the global marketplace, please fill our brief form. We’ll be in touch!

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
See our Client Stories