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Our Practice

We are proud to be a partner in Lockton Global, the world’s largest insurance broking Partnership. Through Lockton Global, we deliver client results for multi-national companies.

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits B.V. specialises in the development of risk management and insurance programmes for the business market since 1856. We advise and mediate in the areas of:

  • Non-life insurance (Risk) - Companies require insurance for risks which they do not wish to incur or cannot incur. We give independent advice on tangible non-life insurance, such as the insurance of equipment and buildings, or on the risk of financial losses due to liability or fraud. Vanbreda mediates for and insures insurance policies with insurers both in the Netherlands and abroad. We do so on the Netherlands Insurance Exchange, directly with renowned insurers, or we act as an authorised underwriting agent. In the case of claims, your interests are represented by our own claims handlers.
  • Healthcare & Income (Employee Benefits) - The financial risks and consequences of absenteeism and disability are enormous, both for the employees involved and the company. We support you with advice and action aimed at reducing absenteeism. In addition, we give advice and arrange suitable insurance. Our involvement also extends to taking responsibility for the provision of information and communication processes.
  • Pensions (Employee Benefits) - Pensions are an important employee benefit, but at the same time are experienced by many as complex and complicated, involving considerable risks. Legislation is continuously being amended in relation to a variety of aspects. The financial risks are considerable and demand attention from all those involved. For employers amendments may have a considerable impact on the level of costs, while the present and future income of employees is at issue. Particularly in relation to pension issues, there is increasing demand for our consultancy skills. 

Our specialists are also available to provide customised services. The transparency of our method of work and the independency in our fee arrangements enable us to give a second opinion, if required, and to carry out independent analyses or quick scans.

The broking and consultancy activities are separated tasks within Vanbreda. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits B.V. is a family-owned business and has no financial relations with any insurance companies or banks.

Focus on the client

Our clients have been at the centre of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits' attention since 1856. Our motto 'Professionals with a personal approach' gives expression to the company's culture and sincere involvement. As a fully independent company, we have a close relationship to our customers. In combination with our expertise, this enables us to give tailor-made advice quickly.

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Our Team

Lockton Global delivers expertise and service to our clients in a way that makes sense for your specific needs. Please contact Robin Lausberg for assistance.

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