Florentinum Building, Entrance C
Na Florenci 15
110 00 Prague

Our Practice

We are proud to be a partner in Lockton Global, the world’s largest insurance broking Partnership. Through Lockton Global, we deliver client results for multi-national companies.

RENOMIA is the leading insurance broker in Central and Eastern Europe with headquarters in Prague. The company was founded in 1993 in the Czech Republic focused on being a dependable professional partner for clients, offering a full range of professional insurance and risk management services.

Hundreds of insurance companies operate within the European market. Each of them offers a wide variety of cover under different conditions.

RENOMIA insurance brokers provide risk analysis, selection of optimal insurance programmes, professional claims settlement and comprehensive services throughout the Central and Eastern European region. RENOMIA’s activities are founded on the best traditions of insurance brokers that have been providing services for almost 300 years.

RENOMIA, A.S. Industry Expertise

Engineering, Manufacturing, Textile and Clothing, Chemical, Utilities, Telecommunications, Wood, Pharmaceuticals, Civil Engineering, Electro Engineering, Aerospace, Food, Health, Paper, Transportation and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Trade and Services, Regional and Country, Government,
Culture and Entertainment and others.

Coverage Expertise

Property, Liability, Engineering, Energy, Terrorism, Aviation, Marine, Financial Lines, Accident & Health, and others

Services Provided
Complete claims management, dedicated risk management team, RENOMIA Extranet for clients (own IT system for policy/claims administration), RENOMIA Network, international department

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Our Team

Lockton Global delivers expertise and service to our clients in a way that makes sense for your specific needs. Please contact a member of our team for assistance.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
See our Client Stories