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Innovation, ingenuity, and independence

With an origin story firmly rooted in blue-collar values and work ethic, Pittsburghers have long been ready to solve the world’s challenges by challenging the notion of what can be done and rolling up their collective sleeves to change the course of progress.

Whether it be the coal, iron and steel that fueled America’s growth though the industrial revolution, Jonas Salk’s development of the polio vaccine to give hope for the health and wellbeing of children around the world or the daily breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence coming out of the labs and workshops of Pittsburgh’s universities, the pace of the worlds progress is inextricably linked to the thoughts and ideas coming from Pittsburgh.

Lockton has long advised some of Pittsburgh and the world’s leading organizations and in 2019 began an investment in the talent in Pittsburgh needed to scale the impact we could have in the market and it’s communities.

At Lockton, our focus is on helping organizations to think differently about the way they approach some of their biggest business imperatives: their people, their property, and their reputations, allowing them to be ready for what’s next.

We appreciate your openness to learning more about us, and we look forward to the opportunity to learn more about what’s next for you.

Our Team

Our independence lets us challenge the norms of what a brokerage can be. Our service-minded culture and entrepreneurial spirit foster innovation, creativity, and the ability to do what’s best for our clients and their businesses.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
See our Client Stories