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RIMS Panel: Lockton’s Goldstine Speaks Out on Leadership

Debbie Goldstine, Lockton’s excess casualty expert, shared her experiences about leading change at the 2017 Risk & Insurance Management Society Conference April 24 in Philadelphia.

“Knowing the business is crucial to your credibility,” said Goldstine. “You have to know the language to influence business leaders and clients.”

Lockton's Debbie Goldstine serves on a panel at RIMS 2017Goldstine was one of three panelists on the program, “Change Champions: Women and Diverse Leaders Influencing Across Organizations.” She spoke alongside Keswic Joiner, Risk Manager at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Letisa McKenzie, a former Risk Manager at Mary Kay, and moderator Sherry Hersey of Travelers.

“It was a great experience to represent Lockton and speak out on leadership,” said Goldstine.

Joiner stated simply that “diversity is all about respect.” McKenzie told the group and encouraged the audience of risk managers to stay nimble and flexible as they work with global teams to understand cultural differences.

Goldstine added three key takeaways for diverse leaders:

  • Be intentional about engaging with others as a way to learn and ultimately influence.  It takes longer than doing it alone, but ultimately it is more productive.
  • Differences of ideas don’t have to mean conflict. If you assume feedback is coming from a place of goodwill, that’s a step toward taking it less personally and being open to other perspectives.
  • Model good behavior and mentor.  Pay it forward to the next generation, and be open to learning from younger colleagues.
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