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How precision medicine is revolutionizing employee benefits
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This four-part white paper series examines the role of genetic testing in employee benefits. The goal of the series is to help employee benefits professionals understand the complex and evolving topic of precision medicine and to provide a framework for determining whether these new capabilities in medicine should be considered in crafting an employee benefits strategy. Genetic testing and precision medicine is a rapidly emerging and exciting area that will likely challenge the employee benefits industry for decades, so this white paper series will serve as a starting point to shedding light on the trend.

Part I of IV explores how genetic testing is revolutionizing medical care and sets the stage for the next three papers in the series.

Part II of IV explores pharmacogenomics, a subset of precision medicine and further defined as the study of how genes affect a person’s response to drugs.

Part III of IV takes a closer look at how cancer genomics is radically changing cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Part IV of IV reviews current policy addressing genomic information privacy as it relates to employers, and discusses some of the legal and ethical considerations of this emerging area of medicine.

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