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Lockton to create decade of double digit growth by thinking differently

Lockton only has three percent of the overall global insurance business, which provides a lot of opportunity for growth. Both David Lockton, chairman, and Ron Lockton, president and CEO, recognize the opportunities especially in the international business as they move the private company forward.

“Even though we have a substantial international business, the world is a very big place,” said David Lockton. “[Lockton’s international business] has become $388 million operation. It’s growing between 12-13 percent per year.”

With this opportunity for growth, the insurance broker has been hiring new experts at a rapid rate. Historically, Lockton has hired about 35 Producers a year, but this year they are on track to hire about 65. They are also investing in technology to develop new efficiencies and grow the business.

Read more on how Lockton plans to create double-digit growth for the next decade in the Kansas City Business Journal.

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