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Global Update - Summer 2017

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Lockton Benefit Group releases the Global Benefits Update quarterly to provide employers with the latest insights on international benefits issues. Our experts focus on legislation affecting social insurance and employee benefits around the world, including life, disability, accident, and health insurance, retirement, leave, and perquisites.

Articles in the Summer 2017 include:

  • International Proposals and Legislation to Monitor
  • Azerbaijan to Increase Retirement Age
  • Belgium Relaxes Restrictions on Salary Increases  
  • Ecuador Enacts Healthcare Reform, Makes Medical Premiums Deductible Expenses
  • Estonian Tax Exemptions Encourage Employer Health and Wellness Initiatives
  • Germany Allows True Defined Contribution Pension Plans, Modifies Salary Sacrifice Rules
  • Germany Implements the Remuneration Transparency Act
  • Israel Increases Maternity Leave to 15 Weeks
  • Jamaica Imposes 16.5 Percent Tax on Health Insurance Premiums
  • Kuwait Proposes Mandatory Local Health Insurance for Foreign Workers and Visitors
  • Lithuania Amends Labor Law
  • Panama Establishes Three Days of Paternity Leave
  • Puerto Rico Enacts Significant Labor Reform Law
  • Romania Declares Children's Day an Official Public Holiday 
  • Saudi Arabia Expands Expatriate Levy
  • Singapore Amends the Retirement and Re-employment Act
  • Sri Lanka Targets Workforce Improvements in 2017 Budget Proposals


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