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Global Benefits Forum: A meeting of minds in Chicago

The 2019 Lockton Global Benefits Forum series kicked off in Chicago April 29 through May 1, bringing together more than 170 human resources (HR) and risk management professionals and industry thought leaders.

The challenges of talent acquisition and retention with an increasingly mobile and diverse employee base are directly impacted by corporate culture and encouraging active inclusion. This is not only driven from the C-suite but is shaped, framed and executed by company policies ranging from equal pay, to how the company communicates with different types of employees, down to how medical plans are offered and structured.

In Chicago, attendees heard a variety of perspectives on the multigenerational and diversifying workforce:

  • Zurich, the premier sponsor, put into visuals the risk profiles of select countries due to aging populations and associated consequences.
  • Three HR leaders in the tech industry were part of a panel discussing how they developed innovative programs to tailor benefits to a diverse workforce in a competitive landscape.
  • The main stage featured an interactive, spirited debate exploring whether “yesterday’s” employees had it better than those entering today’s workforce.
  • Attendees heard from employers that discussed their global well-being programs and generous parental leave policies.
  • Lockton unpacked the results of a Lockton UK-led multigenerational workforce study.
  • Sessions covered local market trends in countries including Brazil, India, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Canada, the Asia Pacific region and more.

Now in its sixth year, the Forum is unparalleled in the industry as a unique opportunity for HR professionals to enhance their international benefits expertise while engaging with professional peers and market-leading experts. The series will continue in London and Singapore in June and July, respectively. Attendees are encouraged to use these opportunities to learn from one other, form new connections and use the session takeaways to help build a case for active inclusiveness.

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