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Expert Roundtable Assesses Healthcare & Insurance

Lockton’s Matt Tritz, a Vice President in the Kansas City Benefits Agency, joined other Kansas City business leaders September 6 to discuss trends in healthcare and insurance.

During a two-hour roundtable discussion with Ingram’s, Tritz and others weighed in on hot-button topics like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), cost-shifting, the rising costs of prescription drugs, millennials, consumer-driven healthcare and innovation.

Tritz said he sees innovation occurring “as we try to move the needle from fee-for-service to quality of care” and in the data realm, where employers are finding new tools to reduce costs. But a prime directive of ACA, he said, had not been met: “Costs are not going down.”

On the subject of public exchanges, Tritz said, “There’s no question that the individual exchange marketplace is in a death spiral. Exiting of carriers from a market is not good for it.” The real issue there, he said, is that the individual mandate for coverage doesn’t have a substantial penalty “and until that is addressed, we’re going to continue to have this issue.”

When it comes to prescription drugs, Tritz referred to the employer concern about a comparatively new hire who might have a debilitating condition like hepatitis-C. “You’re going to spend a couple hundred thousand dollars on medications for someone who’s only been there six months and might be gone in another six,” he said. “That has made employers ask, ‘How can I manage this pharma benefit differently?’” One key, he said, was more and better data.

For more insights from Kansas City healthcare leaders, read the full article.

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