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EigenPrism Maps Hurricane Exposure of Client Properties

Hurricane Irma is hurling through the Caribbean islands and likely headed for the US mainland, leaving many businesses wondering what kind of damage they should expect. Our team is using a new catastrophe analytics tool called EigenPrism that helps our clients map their property exposure during disasters like Hurricane Irma.

The tool is flexible, it looks at big storms like a hurricane, a major flood, tornadoes, climate change situations and just about anything relative to risk for a property.  The tool provides 24/7 automated notices pushed out to service teams. It has exponentially reduced manual work, and it gives clients a much better answer for what they could be facing. It’s a service Lockton offers at no extra cost.

The Kansas City Business Journal reports how EigenPrism helped Lockton’s client service teams in assisting clients with property risk during Hurricane Harvey. As actual data on the storm damage came in, the system shifted from forecasts to loss assessments. Learn more about the tool here

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