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David Lockton Featured as ‘Industry Icon’

David Lockton considers Associates' laser focus on client satisfaction the cornerstone of the Lockton culture.

In a recent 'Industry Icon' feature in Insurance Business America magazine, Lockton explains how the company's independent ownership allows Associates to concentrate not just on the bottom line, but on making clients' businesses better.

"When people come to Lockton, they find out that they get rewarded for practicing the profession they've learned, and that they're judged based on merit - and for us, merit is how you go about creating value for customers," said Lockton.

In addition to client service, Lockton spoke to the overwhelming willingness of Associates to give back to their communities and to each other. Not only do they contribute more than $3 million annually to various non-profit organizations across the US, they've also created an internal non-profit to help Associates in times of significant need.

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