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A Cutting Edge Look at Your Property Exposures

When disaster strikes, the team at Lockton Companies is ready.  Using state of the art technology, EigenPrism, our Analytics team can evaluate any type of event and provide our clients with the most accurate, meaningful information possible regarding their business and potential damage.

With EigenPrism, we:

  • Automatically notify clients if their exposures are impacted by events anywhere in the world 24/7/365.  This includes earthquake, wind (both hurricane and non-hurricane), flood and hail.
  • Visualize impending disasters and conduct what-if scenarios to stress test exposure concentrations and potential claim outcomes.
  • Empower clients to effectively respond as events unfold, mitigating damages and improving operational resiliency.
  • Manage supply chain risk by establishing notifications for key suppliers.  This enables clients to quickly respond when suppliers are disrupted. (no need to limit this)

With EigenPrism, the client automatically receives notifications when they have locations potentially impacted by an event, which are customizable to prevent “over-notifying”.  The notification summary provides a map of the locations in the impact zone with the option to conduct further analysis.  EigenPrism enables Lockton to work dynamically with clients, displaying how a change in the track of an event could impact their business.

Lockton leverages the power of EigenPrism to make our clients’ businesses better in the face of disaster.  

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