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Clients value our unique approach to infrastructure risk management that treats your infrastructure insurance program as a whole, not as discrete elements handled in segregated practice groups, such as energy, transportation or utilities. With more than 25 years of experience delivering results, our clients view us as business partners committed to making their operations or project better.

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Our focus is on handling your business risks issues today with best-in-class service while delivering long-term results to your operations and bottom line. 

Infrastructure Insurance Services specializes in three focus areas:

1. Construction Solutions – Construction, PPP 

2. Mergers and Acquisitions – Large Infrastructure Private Equity and Funds

3. Operational Assets 

Approach & Impact

For any infrastructure entity the total cost of risk is a critical component.  Our experience shows us that our approach can help you by offering best in class service and discounts of 15 percent or more helping enhance the overall economic value of your company.

Lockton partners with Macquarie Insurance Facility (MIF), which has the largest aggregated buying program for infrastructure in the market.  With MIF we are able to supercharge your insurance program offering the most competitive terms & conditions and pricing.

For fund managers we use a NO DEAL-NO FEE approach to due diligence and an AT RISK/GAIN SHARE model to align our interests and drive the most from the market place.

Global Resources

Our clients benefit from the resources of our expert teams around the world. We work closely with senior underwriting executives at the principal insurance carriers to promote the needs and interest of our clients, negotiate competitive insurance programs, and resolve complex claims. 

In addition to our core hubs, Infrastructure Insurance has access to the resources of  Lockton Global.  Lockton Global is a partnership with 37 privately owned independent brokers around the world.  This partnership allows us to do business in more than 100 countries and better serve our clients. 

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Construction Solutions

Construction Solutions are a critical piece of our package of expertise. Our team members have experience working with clients on large scale infrastructure projects around the world. 

Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

P3s are becoming a growing trend and our team has critical experience. Builders of bridges, tunnels, and airports have turned to our team to deal with the intricacies of working with government agencies. We help clients navigate the often challenging insurance process due to the various interests involved in large scale projects.

Construction Due Diligence

Our experts manage the end-to-end process of your construction due diligence phase.  We provide you with a full report which can be used with your lenders. In that report we review construction agreements and provide affirmation of bid and financing compliance, produce pro-forma financials for total risk costs during the construction and operational phases. We also provide a proprietary risk matrix illustrating the principle construction and operational risks.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and Financing negotiations

EPC negotiations may be a long and onerous process.  Our team provides support and consultation with lender advisors on your behalf. 

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Dealmakers value our expertise and experience handling hundreds of M&A transactions for infrastructure funds. Together with Lockton’s Private Equity and Corporate Acquisitions Practice (PECAP), we provide clients with exceptional ongoing service year after year.  We create customized reports tailored for infrastructure clients and provide valuable insights during the due diligence phase. 

One Account Team

Many brokers have separate account teams, one for the due diligence process, and one for the negotiation and servicing of your insurance program. Lockton Infrastructure Insurance Services provides you with one account team who will be responsible for both.  By doing this we create a seamless process from the start of your due diligence to the placement of your program.

Analysis of Insurance & Benefits

Many times during the due diligence process employee benefits are overlooked.  Our team will provide analysis of both your insurance program and benefits program.  Learn more about Lockton’s Employee Benefits Consulting.   

Transactional Risk Management

Our professionals have significant experience placing transactional risk products.  We specialize in Reps and Warranties coverages, Tax Insurance, Legal Contingency and Environmental.  These insurance products provide a back-stop to the indemnification offered in the purchase and sale agreement or may create an indemnification in the event that none was offered by the seller.  Transactional Risk products can be used to replace escrow or claw-back provisions.  Our team has expertise on infrastructure transactions and will help guide you through the complexities that go along with them.

Operational Assets

Clients have relied on our team to create insurance programs in some of the toughest jurisdictions. Our years of experience mean you can count on us to deal with infrastructure operational assets on the asset and fund level while delivering an edge in pricing, coverage and program stability. 

Wording experts can review each policy and tailor each coverage specific to your needs.  In addition an integrated claims team sits with the placement team in order to make sure there are no gaps in coverage.

Our Risk Control Services team can help reduce your total cost of risk.  We partner with our clients and supplement the resources of their claim and safety teams to meet short and long term risk objectives.

Employee Benefits is a strength of our organization and we have significant resources to help you attract and retain top talent and be more competitive.

Client retention infographic - Lockton vs. industry

At Lockton we take client retention seriously and look at every renewal as a new piece of business.  We have a 96 percent client retention rating compared to the industry benchmark of 85 percent.  Our Infrastructure team looks forward to forming a long term relationship with your organization.

Infrastructure Funds

Given our operational experience across the fund level we are able to take a broad view of all of your operating companies.  We bring this broad view to the market place which allows for better pricing and terms and conditions on all of your placements. 

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Discover more Insights & Publications
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