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The World’s Largest Privately Owned, Independent Insurance Broker

Lockton’s independence gives us the freedom to be a strong, flexible advocate always acting in your best interest. With 50+ Cyber & Technology Associates across the globe and relationships with more than 175 insurance companies, our team is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service to meet your organizational needs.

We handle over 300 incidents a year, with a 99% claim success rate to date. Our global reach ensures that our clients have access to the knowledge that comes from years of experience across multiple jurisdictions and multiple industries.

Our 3-Step Approach:

Inform, Improve, and Insure

A sound cyber risk management plan protects your balance sheet, preserves your reputation and enables growth in your organization. That’s exactly what our three-step approach is designed to accomplish.

Your trusted advisor will inform you of exposures, risks, and financial impact, supported by next- generation analytics.

Then, our loss-control and risk-consulting services are available to ensure our team is helping to constantly improve your cyber climate. Deep-seated relationships with insurance companies and strategic partnerships with security firms offer an extra layer of support.

Finally, we’ll design and tailor your insurance program and risk transfer strategies to fit your unique needs. In many cases we will recommend using policies that we have created that are broader than what insurers offer.

This coordinated three-step approach ensures that you thoroughly understand your exposures and are supported, prepared, and equipped with the best cyber risk protection plan for your organization.


Cyber Risk Management Across the Enterprise

We start with your business to best leverage ours.

That means that from the beginning, we want to understand your business direction so we can help align risk strategies to your corporate objectives.

Lockton has partnered with Corax, a next generation cyber analytics company, to collaborate on bringing the best in cybersecurity analytics, severity risk quantification, and peer benchmarking to our clients. We’ll develop a loss source analysis, review current risk control systems, create a solution plan, and execute that plan through defined roles and measurable objectives.

And our support won’t stop once execution has taken place. Your trusted advisor will stick by your side to provide claims support, coverage amendments and ongoing market updates.


Cyber Risk Consulting and Loss Control

We can educate everyone from your staff to your board on cyber awareness and best practices, and assist you in creating a security governance framework, policies and procedures.

We’ll also conduct a review of your current cyber security landscape, workshop data breach scenarios and more to ensure your team feels confident assessing and navigating cyber risk.


Tailored Insurance Solutions and Market Coverage

We aren’t in business to sell you the cyber insurance policies that insurers think you need. Working closely together, we help develop the insurance solution that fits your unique risk and then use our global insurance relationships to find insurers that will underwrite it. To get that done we’ve developed our own policy forms and endorsements to insurers’ policies to broaden coverage. 

We aren’t afraid to push insurance underwriters out of their comfort zone. In fact, we’re known for it. We succeed because we have a deep understanding of your risk and of how cyber policies work in the crucible of a difficult claim.

Then, our benchmark comparative analyses, insights and policy data on over 3,000 clients allow us to continually measure performance and track best cyber insurance practices over time.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
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