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Competing and winning today requires leading-edge technology to guide and support the decisions you make, including your employee benefit technology. After investing a great deal of time and money in the benefits your employees enjoy, you need to access and use important data – from your own company, as well as your peers.

Lockton can apply the power of technology to your day-to-day employee benefits information with tools to solve problems related to the cost, operation, and future performance of your employee benefits plans.

Even the best human resources tools are only as good as the people behind them. With our solutions, you get cutting-edge online data management tools, and the full force of Lockton's benefits team to unlock the power of data.

Please see the technology options below to learn more about each of the major tools at your fingertips...connecting you with benefits intelligence.

InfolockĀ® Employee Benefits

Infolock® Employee Benefits is Lockton’s proprietary data mining warehouse. With Infolock, we carefully analyze your employee benefits data. This includes actual medical and pharmacy claims, biometric screenings, and health risk assessment information, all of which help identify trends in chronic disease, high-cost claims, and utilization patterns. This aggregated information is central to the successful identification of the risks driving your healthcare expenses. Data can also be used to help drive the risk reduction process, including an effective Lockton Health Risk Solutions® program.


Portals are like benefits resource libraries right in your office. A portal is a customizable page, designed to keep you current on information related to your benefits plans.

  • Information sharing – Communicate securely within your organization or with your Lockton team. Receive Lockton bulletins, benefits updates, client newsletters and industry news to help you stay abreast of the latest trends and topics.
  • Research – Find useful information and guidance to assist with benefits plan design and management, including regulatory and compliance guidelines, newsletter archives, benefits glossary, benefits links, sample forms, policies and checklists.
  • Lockton service guide – Learn about Lockton’s full range of service offerings that can enhance your benefits program and simplify your administrative workload. 

Employee Communication

Online or on paper, putting benefits information into the hands of employees is an important part of any benefits strategy. Employees can only appreciate benefits when they fully understand them. Lockton Employee Communication Services gives you an array of options to communicate the benefits you work so hard to design and maintain, including Benefits Statement, Enrollment Communications, and Benefits Communications. 

Employee Connection Portals

Employees are becoming increasingly savvy. Thanks to the internet and e-mail, we are all now accustomed to surfing for answers and expecting quick responses to our questions. Our Employee Connection solutions give your employees access to information about their benefits plans through various channels. 

A customized portal designed for easy access, Employee Connection portals give your workforce up-to-date benefits information anytime, from any computer. Your HR staff will experience a reduction in day-to-day benefits questions as employees search for answers on their own, online. 

Lockton RFI

Information about your competitors can be a valuable tool in designing your benefits. Lockton RFI, or Request for Information, goes out to the marketplace and gathers information that you can use as a benchmark for your company’s benefits. It can also be used to provide a comprehensive profile of carriers and providers to assist in your selection process. 

Lockton Survey

Lockton Survey creates a direct response mechanism for you and your employees to use in identifying what works, and what might need more work with regard to your employee benefits.

  • A customized online survey is created with the help of your Lockton team and hundreds of sample questions. The survey can be customized with your organization’s terminology and target any number of issues or concerns you want to address.
  • Employees respond online to the survey using confidential access.
  • Reports can be generated for both raw data responses and customized demographic breakdowns.

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