Retirement consulting EXPERTISE is only effective if the Advisor can deliver it in a way that is TAILORED to the client's needs.

Defined Contribution Plan Optimization

Leverage Lockton's comprehensive expertise and experience to help you design and optimize your DC plan.  Our teams can help you explore these critical questions:

  • How does your plan compare with competitors?
  • Are your costs reasonable?
  • Are you getting the best possible outcomes for your employees?
  • How complete is your fiduciary process?

Client Results

Focused experts, innovative strategies, and time tested techniques protect your business and help your employees find financial security.

Investment Consulting

Lockton’s investment management experts help you manage your fiduciary responsibilities through 3(21) or 3(38) outsourcing services. The Lockton approach ensures your investment lineup is consistent – in process, management, and performance. Over a five-year period, 70% of our recommendations remained above the median for long-term performance – vs. 23% of managers selected through industry standard processes.

LockSMART is a proprietary investment database providing customized investment analysis, selection and monitoring.

Fiduciary Risk Management

With the support of national ERISA and securities experts, Lockton’s experienced teams can help with compliance oversight, risk profiling, and legislative and regulatory affairs monitoring to mitigate your plan risk.

The Lockton Matrix illuminates potential risk factors and suggest mitigation options.  We can assist you with compliance oversight and mitigation before the DOL knocks on your door.

Disciplined Process

Deep experience and well-honed proprietary tools underpin the disciplined process your Lockton Advisor uses to provide solid advice and counsel.


Audit Your Auditor

In a DOL review of annual ERISA audits, two out of every five contained deficiencies significant enough to get them rejected. Lockton’s Senior ERISA Counsel, Sam Henson, predicts increased enforcement and suggests rethinking your auditor selection process.

Provider Management

Your Lockton Retirement team can help you benchmark and negotiate service fees with your providers and optimize your current relationships. If necessary, we can help you search for new providers and walk you through your plan conversion.

Lockton's Total Value Axis uses prospective vendor profiling to identify market trends. We use a tailored approach to quantitatively score current and potential vendors.

Employees' Financial Well-Being

The Lockton approach to employee engagement is about more than meetings.  The Lockton approach is about developing a plan.

Today’s worker faces more complex financial decisions than ever, and the challenge of handling those decisions is causing more stress than ever. Stress impacts productivity and that hits your organization’s bottom line.  (To find out more, watch a replay of our webinar on the subject.)

Lockton offers a 3-part approach to help clients manage this challenge:

  • A sophisticated review of census data identifies the associates falling short and the issues taking them off target.
  • An education strategy lays out the messages, tactics, and metrics, and assesses the current tools available.
  • Services including online tools, newsletters, and the introduction of outside provider partners can supplement existing communications and tailor delivery of the strategy.

The Lockton Life Game is an example of our approach in action. We use interactive techniques to make learning about savings, debt repayment, and investment not only personal, but fun.

Case Study

Retirement Readiness

Driving engagement, increased deferrals and beneficiary designation.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
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