Your Trusted Advisor on Cyber Liability

Cybersecurity isn’t owned by IT alone anymore. It is an enterprise-wide challenge, and solving it starts in the board room. As your trusted advisor, Lockton understands this shift and will help you address the cybersecurity challenge. 

Shaping Public Policy on How Enterprises Protect Themselves

  • Lockton was a stakeholder in the creation of the U.S.’ first federal cybersecurity framework
  • Lockton has testified before Congress on the evolving cyber insurance market
  • Lockton wrote the cyber insurance chapter for “Navigating the Digital Age” (, published by the New York Stock Exchange as the first definitive cybersecurity guide for directors and officers. 
  • We are a founding member of the San Diego Cyber Center of Excellence. Visit for cybersecurity news, events, research and publications, as well as career and business opportunities.

According to NYSE President Tom Farley,

“The New York Stock Exchange has long advocated that exemplary governance and risk oversight is fundamental to the health of individual companies, as well as to the sound operation of our capital markets… With insights from the preeminent authorities on cybersecurity today, this groundbreaking, practical guide to cybersecurity has been developed to reflect a body of knowledge that is unsurpassed on this topic.

Supporting Your Executive Team

  • Identifying the “crown jewels” – the critical corporate assets you want to protect  
  • Assessing the maturity of the controls used to protect those assets
  • Devising a cyber risk management strategy that addresses your people, processes and technology
  • Building resilience around your enterprise
  • Guiding your company’s shift from protection to preparedness, so you are ready to respond and recover from an attack
  • Designing a competitive cyber insurance program that specifically addresses your company’s assets at risk
  • Negotiate on your behalf with leading global insurers in the USA, London and Bermuda


Lockton’s global team developed one of the first broker proprietary cyber insurance policy forms, underwritten by Lloyds of London and used today by many Fortune 1000 companies. Our team also worked with global insurers to overhaul the underwriting process.

In conjunction with Lockton’s strategic partners, we provide cybersecurity risk assessments, incident response preparedness, planning and cyber insurance program design and placement, among other services. Our team of global specialists also can provide guidance on related cyber risk issues, such as:

  • Technology Errors and Omissions
  • Media Liability
  • Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Data Privacy
  • Reputation Management

Navigating the Digital Age

Companies today face threats that involve not only data assets but also physical assets that can lead to property damage and business interruption. Lockton understands how cyber risk is evolving and can help you stay in front of the challenges.

Also visit, owned by ESET. The website is dedicated to in-depth cyber trends and topics, with articles contributed by ESET researchers around the world who study cyber threats daily.

Cyber Risk Resources

The Cyber Risk Update blog explores the ever-changing cyber risk and cyber insurance landscape.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
See our Client Stories