During this unusual time, Lockton is here for you. As the world’s largest privately owned insurance broker, we know how disruptive this time is, but we are laser-focused on one thing: partnering with your organization to walk through the challenges. Well before COVID-19, our people were empowered to go above and beyond to react to change, think creatively and achieve results. And we will be here after these times too, delivering on our promise to be Uncommonly Independent.

Return to work site toolkit

Bringing employees back to a traditional work setting. 

As businesses begin to look at returning to work sites, Lockton has developed this toolkit to partner with you in your efforts to develop and execute on a plan for your workforce. 

COVID-19 testing guide

Business leaders may be considering COVID-19 testing in their re-opening worksite strategy. This guide and video provide information to help inform this decision.

Webinar series

Lockton created a nine-part series to provide expert advice as you consider your return to work site approach. This series covers all aspects of an organization’s approach to returning to work site, helping inform decision making across clinical, operational, HR, benefits, retirement, cyber security and regulatory frameworks. 

Return to work site FAQs

For a complete list of webcast FAQs, click here

Legislative and clinical

Legislative and clinical considerations for reopening a work site, featuring Lockton’s CMO, Dr. Shealynn Buck and Scott Behrens, Government Affairs, moderated by Shannon Demaree.

  • How decisions are being made to lift stay-at-home orders and where to find information.
  • Federal, state and local requirements (social distancing, face masks, temperature checks).
  • What to do when employees are in various locations with various rules.
  • Public health risks.
  • Screening (temperature and other symptoms).
  • COVID-19 testing.
  • Treatment of employees who become ill or exposed.


Operational considerations for reopening a work site,
featuring Mark Moitoso and Paul Primavera, moderated
by Debbie Goldstine.

  • Considerations for reopening (current productivity, risks to not reopen, OSHA exposure risk, mass transit).
  • Work site restructuring.
  • Operational work site preparedness plan.
    • Workplace safety and prevention planning.
    • Workforce planning and employee issues.

Workplace safety and workforce planning

Workplace safety and workforce planning considerations for reopening a work site, featuring Karen Amato, Amy Bodkin, moderated by Shannon Demaree.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting recommendations, CDC guidelines.
  • Prevention planning, including supplies.
  • Workforce planning and employee issues returning from furlough, etc.
  • Travel policies.

Paid leave and absence management

Paid leave and absence management considerations for returning to a work site, Stacie Engelmann, Lisa Carlson and Paul Botkin, moderated by Ed Fensholt.

  • Leave policies.
  • State and local paid leave requirements.
  • Return to work procedures related to COVID-19.

Employee benefits and workforce

Employee benefits and workforce considerations for returning to a work site with Mark Kuonen, Briana Birkenmeier, moderated by Shannon Demaree.

  • Benefits overview.
  • Plan design, care management, virtual care.
  • Well-being, emotional health and social determinants of health.


As employers return to work sites, the most critical concerns for retirement programs — defined contribution, defined benefits, or nonqualified deferred compensation plans — will be the need to address delayed fiduciary processes, administrative exceptions, and employee communications. Pam Popp will moderate a discussion with Sam Henson, Dan Lennington, Donn Hess and Matt Maier to explain the issues and identify key considerations employers should evaluate.

  • Defined contribution plan fiduciary and administrative processes.
  • Defined benefit plan fiduciary and administrative processes.
  • Executive benefits implications.
  • Employee financial health.

Business continuity and P&C

Business continuity and property/casualty insurance considerations in preparation for your return to work site strategy, moderated by Mark Moitoso, featuring Paul Primavera and Debbie Goldstine.

  • Overview of key insurance coverages.
  • Key insurance considerations.

Healthcare plan and tax credits

Managing returning employees’ healthcare plan eligibility under the ACA employer mandate, using healthcare costs to claim tax credits and PPP loan forgiveness, and accommodating late benefit elections, featuring Ed Fensholt, Mark Holloway and Ethan McWilliams.

  • Avoiding ACA employer mandate penalties when returning employees to work.
  • How to claim tax credits and PPP loan forgiveness for health insurance costs incurred during the pandemic.
  • Honoring DOL and IRS admonitions to accommodate untimely benefit elections without creating a riff with your insurance or stop-loss carrier.

Cyber security and privacy

Cyber security, privacy considerations and planning for returning to a work site, featuring Anthony Dagostino, Tim Smit and Maryam Rad.

  • Privacy and regulatory aspects of personal health data collection.
  • Continuing cyber security best practices in the workplace.
  • Coverage considerations — remote work and return to work site.

Additional information:

Guidance is based on what is currently known about COVID-19 as of April 24, 2020.

It is important to develop plans in conjunction with occupational health and safety professionals, government regulations and public health authorities. Employers should always refer to CDC and OSHA guidelines for detailed return to work site guidance. Additionally, the White House has released the “Opening Up America Again” guidelines, which offers employers guidance in a three-phase approach, and WHO has provided information on getting the workplace ready for COVID-19.

This toolkit is intended to provide areas to consider. Specific decisions are unique to each business and will require additional input.

You acknowledge and understand that the information provided is not offered as, and should not be considered, legal advice or a substitute for the advice of a legal or professional counsel. Lockton makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, context, reliability, completeness or legality of the information contained in this playbook, which is provided “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Lockton shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, special, consequential, indirect or punitive damages or injury that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials contained in the toolkit and you are in no way obligated to accept or implement any information for use within your organization(s) and as such, you agree to receive it for use at your own discretion. 

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