Rising healthcare costs

Rising healthcare costs prompted Zodiac Aerospace Industries, LLC, an aircraft systems and equipment supplier based in California, to create a robust wellness program for its 425 employees. To do this, Zodiac Aerospace enlisted the help of Lockton Health Risk Solutions®.

Zodiac Aerospace had aspects of a wellness program already in place, such as an on-site gym and occasional lunch and learns, but the company didn’t have a comprehensive program tying all of its initiatives together; this is where Lockton came in. Through a multistep process incorporating best practices, Lockton helped Zodiac Aerospace create the wellness program it envisioned. The program was not only successful but also award-winning.

Giving employees a voice

Although Lockton brings expertise and experience to the table, no one knows a business like the employees who make it function daily. An important step in launching a wellness program is to ask employees about their wants, interests and motivations so that the program resonates with them.

Lockton and Zodiac Aerospace collected this information through a survey, which was also used to determine whether any employees would have interest in volunteering on the wellness committee. Several employees from across the company in various departments, office locations and job functions indicated interest. These employees, along with a few hand-selected members, made up Zodiac Aerospace’s first wellness committee. From there, the work began.

Empowering employees

The Zodiac Worksite Wellness Squad, named after the Zodiac Worksite Wellness Solutions program, developed branding, vision and mission statements to drive their efforts effectively. This built-in responsibility quickly helped the Wellness Squad take ownership of the group. Each member took on the responsibility of hosting a monthly committee meeting in addition to planning and coordinating regular wellness activities and challenges. Information collected in the survey enabled Zodiac Aerospace to customize its program and activities to fit the culture and act on employee feedback. 

[The wellness program] has helped me to be more conscious about my health, and the CIGNA rewards program is a great motivation to get me to exercise." 

- Zodiac Aerospace employee

Integrating well-being into the culture

Energy from the Wellness Squad quickly trickled down to the rest of Zodiac Aerospace’s employees and all the way up to the chief executive officer, who endorsed the program at a companywide meeting. Benefits manager and committee leader Mia Johnson soon had people walking by her office yelling, “Motivate!” — a tagline employees picked up from their online wellness program platform, MotivateMe! Once the program was in place, employees participated in the activities and challenges detailed below and earned more than $7,500 through the incentive program. Lunch and learns attracted more than 215 people in 2017, and more than 170 employees participated in the challenges.

Customized challenges and activities

A new level of success

The success of the program was soon noted by Zodiac Aerospace’s carrier, CIGNA, which hand-selected Zodiac Aerospace and a handful of other companies in the Los Angeles area, to compete for a well-being award. Only companies with top-notch wellness programs were asked to participate. The process was extensive, including an essay and a detailed application that touched on several key areas:

  • Leadership, committee diversity and branding.
  • Policies and their accessibility to employees.
  • Program implementation.
  • Program accomplishments

It’s not often you see a wellness committee take full ownership over a wellness program and run with it the way the Zodiac Worksite Wellness Squad has."

- Roshi Fisher, AVP, Lockton Health Risk Solutions Consultant

Recognition for an excellent program

Zodiac Aerospace and the Wellness Squad took home the gold for the CIGNA Well-Being Award®. During a celebration luncheon, CIGNA and Lockton acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the Wellness Squad, who were all in attendance to receive their trophy. With Lockton’s direction and Zodiac Aerospace’s commitment to a culture of health, there are sure to be many successful years to come for Zodiac Worksite Wellness Solutions.

Our efforts with wellness have engaged our employees in healthier lifestyles. In the past, we offered donuts from time to time. Now, we offer fewer donuts, and our employees seek out fruit and yogurt alternatives. We know that our focus on wellness will have a lasting impact on the health of our employees and their families." 

- Kimberley Miller, Senior Director of Human Resources

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