Lockton Offers The Community Builders a Fresh Perspective

The Community Builders (TCB) is a nonprofit organization that works to sustain strong communities through investments in property development and community outreach.

Almost 11,000 families across 29 cities in 14 states and Washington, D.C. call a TCB community home. When TCB enters a community, they do not just build and leave but remain invested in the success of those communities.

Lockton also remains invested in the success of their clients for the long term. When TCB  noticed that their risk management strategy had become stagnant, they turned to Lockton for a fresh perspective. TCB quickly saw that Lockton was ready to think outside the box and provide more than just better insurance pricing. 

“Lockton has made our business better by being our partners, by always coming up with a solution, never saying no, never saying, ‘we can’t', and understanding the challenges that The Community Builders face every day.”

- Shawn Thornton,The Community Builders, Director of Risk Management  -

Thinking Outside the Box

To create vibrant communities, TCB works with many investors and lenders. They have a complex portfolio and must work to ensure that investors understand their risk programs. Lockton helped TCB become a better communicator with lenders, underwriters, investors, and housing authorities by creating standards and talking points for team members to use when discussing valuing the properties.

Additionally, they worked with TCB to craft contractual language that reduced the cost of liability insurance. Lockton also collaborated with TCB’s development and finance teams to create models and tools that alert the teams of real-time changes in insurance quotes before development begins.

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