Well-Rounded Offerings Provide Complete Risk Management Approach

Starting originally as a residential plumbing company with support from a friend and the assistance of his wife, Paul Rodriguez founded Rodriguez Mechanical Contractors Inc. in 1976. The company progressed into the commercial market and expanded from plumbing to utilities, with annual revenues growing from $2 million to more than $22 million.

Long-Standing Relationship

For a medium-sized sub-contractor like Rodriguez, the construction business is cyclical. Lockton has been at their side through the ups and downs, helping with analytics and working to maintain their surety credit.

“During the past 35 years, Lockton has always had our back,” said Paul Rodriguez, President, Rodriguez Mechanical. 

Comfort through Total Coverage

Working in an industry that prioritizes safety, Rodriguez enlisted outside experts to stay current on regulations – and to protect his business.

“Lockton made me feel comfortable, and we’ve had nothing but top-notch people,” explained Rodriguez. “Lockton insures 100 percent of everything we need in order to operate our business.” 

Lockton has been there to help prepare us for the next change or the next steps. They have a great reputation and they’ve earned it. When it comes to Lockton and Rodriguez Mechanical, we’re not going to leave.”

-Paul Rodriguez, President, Rodriguez Mechanical

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Read the full story on how Lockton has helped Rodriguez Mechanical for more than three decades, including when a fire struck their facility.