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Ovolo is a hotel and property management firm in Northern Ireland with premiere properties in Belfast city center, along with 250,000 square feet of retail and another 100,000 square feet under construction. 

Ovolo Looks for Advice

Neil MacLaren is an experienced entrepreneur. With partners, he built and sold a chain of pubs and leisure properties, and now is building and expanding a hotel and property development operation, Ovolo Ltd, in Northern Ireland.

Neil and his team love growing their business, but they don’t love the hassles and complexity of insurance. They also know that it is a critical factor in the long-term success of the operation.

“Risk management is an important aspect of our business on the hotel side, dealing with 270 staff members and obviously dealing with members of the public,” MacLaren said. “It is also important that we also have the right insurance covering our property. We have a lot of capital tied up in these buildings.”

A Difficult Decision

Managing a four-star Radisson Hotel in downtown Belfast, Ovolo was entitled to subscribe to a global insurance program through another broker. But MacLaren and team had concerns that the program was not built to meet the unique needs of the local operation. MacLaren challenged Lockton with securing coverage to match the global program coverage and Radisson’s unique requirements but still fit the purpose locally. 


Ovolo credits Lockton with helping it ease business processes and keep the operation running smoothly.

“Lockton work very hand-in-hand with me,” said MacLaren. It’s the way business should be. It’s not a challenge. The information flow is fantastic.”

He adds, “It’s the way business should be done. It’s easy. It’s simple. It’s straightforward.”

Full Story

Read the full story of how Lockton stepped up to the challenge of getting local insurance with the property and satisfied all of Ovolo’s requirements while keeping the operation running smoothly.

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