Delivering on Laird's Promise

Laird is a global wireless systems company that designs, manufactures, and supplies product that enable mission-critical connectivity and remote smart systems for use in specialised industrial applications. The UK-headquartered company works with Lockton for global risk management. Laird is growing rapidly through innovation and acquisition.

The Laird risk team and Lockton collaborate to deliver smart risk management, so the company can deliver on its promise of “Smart Technology. Delivered.” 

Strategic Advice

Laird’s Chief Risk & Assurance Officer Graeme Watt says that he values the strategic advice that he receives from Lockton. “Having that honest, open, and robust challenge actually with us as we’re getting into new things, to help us think our strategies through is extremely helpful,” Watt says.

You need somebody to help you challenge yourself."

Graeme Watt
Chief Risk & Assurance Officer

Laird Video

See more in this video about Lockton’s work with Laird. 

Engaging Lockton Global

The Lockton Global team has been particularly engaged with Laird on its many acquisitions, helping integrate new operations and establishing Laird's risk philosophy.

Lockton also made a big difference when the Tianjin blast in China seriously damaged and shut down a Laird site a few kilometers away. The Lockton team helped minimize the business interruption.

Above all, the Laird team values the honest, direct advice from the Lockton team.

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