Five years ago, Great-West Financial, the second-largest retirement services provider in the US, sought to positively impact the health of its employees by making primary care, occupational health services, preventive care and chronic care management easily accessible to employees. Great-West partnered with Marathon Health, a leading employer partner for on-site health management, to build an on-site health and wellness center from the ground up at its Greenwood Village, Colorado, headquarters. Since then, Great-West has successfully created a culture that encourages employees to maintain healthy lifestyles by providing the convenience of health and wellness coaching without having to leave the Great-West campus. The numbers prove it’s working.

Easy for employees

Success has been about more than making it
easy for employees to get the annual biometric
screening needed to earn their health insurance
premium differential. Together with Marathon
Health, Great-West defines success as creating
a healthier culture. The on-site clinic is staffed
with four full-time medical professionals,
including a physician, and offers chronic-disease
management, preventive care, nutrition and
overall health coaching, smoking cessation
programs, support groups, and even acute
-illness treatment.

Engagement opportunities

Employees don’t just use the clinic because it is easily accessible. The clinic staff and engagement opportunities keep employees coming in and coming back. Not only is the clinic staff praised for truly caring about the Great-West employees, but they also create programs throughout the year that target employees’ specific needs. In 2016, the clinic offered nearly 20 engagement programs, including:

  • Lunch and learns (focused not only on physical health but also emotional and psychological well-being).
  • Healthy eating seminars and classes.
  • Cancer screenings and self-check demonstrations.
  • Wellness challenges.
  • Chronic-disease checks.

I have been extremely satisfied with the health and wellness center. The staff is extremely caring, knowledgeable and professional; they helped me get well when I otherwise might not have gone to the doctor if it was off-site with my own doctor. I love having clinic here on-site; it is such a great benefit! Very positive experiences!”

– Great-West Financial employee

Increased engagement

Great-West continues to see an increase in use of the clinic, implementing a new qualified high-deductible health plan option in 2016 that requires a $40 payment for office visits. However, many offerings from the clinic are still free of charge, including the smoking cessation and weight loss programs for those with biometric readings outside of the normal range.

Culture of health

For Great-West, successfully creating a culture of health and wellness has meant making healthcare accessible to employees. The results have been impressive: increased use of the clinic and a reduction in the total number of health risks. More than anything, it is the numerous remarkable and inspiring stories of personal health improvement by employees who have used the health and wellness center that are the most impressive measures of success.

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