Most people know Fossil Group for their stylish watches, but their high-quality designs blend midcentury and modern aesthetics to create a variety of products that people love. As a lifestyle company, Fossil Group is rooted in authentic, vintage and classic design. Signature items include bags, watches and timeless accessories.

What it means to put employees first

Creating these kinds of high-quality products takes a team of top talent who feel invested enough in the company to produce their best work year after year. Fossil Group cultivates an employee-first culture through a partnership between its global benefits team and Lockton Global Benefits; together they care for the employees in the company’s 59 offices around the world.

“One of the top priorities for Fossil, in all regions, are the employees,” said Iliana Hall, Fossil Group’s senior director for global benefits and employee services. “We make sure they are being taken care of, that they have that peace of mind, that they can work knowing that we have their backs.”

Searching for the right global benefits partner

A few years ago, Fossil Group began the search for a global benefits broker to help them consolidate their benefits policies, look for ways to improve benefits and provide general guidance to ensure each country’s policy was the best fit for the company.

“We decided on Lockton Global Benefits because of the people,” Hall said. “We know they are truly an extension of my benefits team.”

Global Benefits Navigator: The best tool for the job

In addition to bringing wealth of global benefits expertise to the table, Lockton Global Benefits also brought the Global Benefits NavigatorTM, a technology solution to help companies store, analyze and report worldwide employee benefits program information.

“It allows us to maintain all of our benefits policies,” said Blanca Martinez, Fossil Group’s benefits operations manager. “That has been just key in understanding what we have in place

This is just one of the many advantages the Fossil Group global benefits team has found in using Global Benefits Navigator.

“Using the Global Benefits Navigator tool has not only enhanced our knowledge of benefits, but it has also allowed us to build closer relationships with our Global Fossil HR Partners,” said Ashley Guzman, Fossil Group’s senior benefits analyst. “With the help of the Global Benefits Navigator and our Lockton Global Benefits team, we are able to provide support and recommendations during plan renewals, as well as provide country-specific benchmarking to ensure competitiveness.

Fossil Group and Lockton: A team built for success

Together, Fossil Group and Lockton Global Benefits help create a company culture where employees are free to innovate, knowing they work for a company who has their best interests at heart.

“[Lockton Global Benefits has] all the expertise that we need, and they do it with care,” Hall said. “That, for me, is the most important part. They really analyze things and treat the employees the same way that we treat them.”

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