Premiere Bulk Tank Carrier

Florida Rock & Tank Lines has served as a premiere bulk tank carrier in the southeastern United States for more than 50 years. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, it has 19 terminals and a fleet of more than 400 trucks. Its drivers transport petroleum and other liquid and dry bulk commodities over-the-road in six states.

Help at a Key Moment

For Florida Rock & Tank Lines Inc., risk management is as much a part of what they do as trucks and tires.

Every day hundreds of rigs deliver petroleum and petrochemicals to customers. The hazardous cargo requires special safety procedures. And the right insurance.

As President and CEO Rob Sandlin puts it, “It’s not like hauling dirt down the road.”

An Important Crossroads

In 2003, the company was unhappy about the frequency of preventable accidents. They couldn’t understand why the considerable time and resources they were dedicating to safety weren’t translating into improvements.

At the same time, they were informed their parent company would no longer be providing risk management services in-house, so they started formulating a plan that would mitigate their risk and protect the company.

They knew they were at an important crossroads. That’s where Lockton stepped in.

We worked hard at it [safety], but we just weren’t getting the results we wanted.”

- Rob Sandlin, CEO

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