A Culture of Caring

Company culture is a buzzword used regularly in the business world. Defined by workforce beliefs and behaviors, a culture may have a positive or negative influence on more than just recruiting talent. In fact, a people-centric culture can actually improve the health and productivity of employees.

After the turn of the 21st Century,
our founders were ready to retire
but cared about finding a way to
give the company back to those
who built its success.”


-EP website

Global Service Company

Entertainment Partners is a global business services company headquartered in Burbank, California, that specializes in financial and workforce management within the entertainment industry. In addition to building a strong business over the past 40 years, EP places a large emphasis on their culture, which is apparent after one conversation with an employee or browsing the company website. Employee involvement is so much a part of EP’s identity that they have been 100 percent employee-owned since 2004.

Lockton Consulting

Where some companies may shrug their shoulders and move on in order to cut costs, EP decided to dig in deeper. Working with a Lockton Health Risk Solutions® Consultant, EP sought out new ways to bring life to their wellness program.

Before anything else, Lockton needed to understand what EP’s priorities were and the direction they wanted to take the new program. During the assessment phase, the consultant recognized that EP had the most energy around creating an engaging culture of wellness; they cared about data, but that was not the main driver.

The initial analysis meeting revealed what priorities EP had for their wellness program. Rather than being data-driven like some clients, they focused mostly on culture and creating a program that employees would get excited about; it was about the buy-in.”


— Rob Jordan, AVP, Lockton Health Risk Solutions Consultant

The Insight

The insight gained during the assessment phase is valuable for Lockton. Once EP’s priorities had been confirmed, the consultant had several vendors in mind with strengths that would align with EP’s needs and priorities. Lockton remains vendor-agnostic, but it is still critical to have working relationships. This not only makes the selection process efficient for clients, but also allows Lockton to stay ahead of industry trends.

A New Way of Wellness

Enter Sonic Boom. This small health-tech company based in California had the secret sauce EP was in need of—passion. Although robust health measurement tools were available, the main focus was on what drives members to change behavior and adopt consistent healthy habits. EP was on a mission to make wellness fun AND lasting.

Given EP’s intense focus on doing what is best for their employees, it is important that those same people take ownership of the program, rather than the human resources department. A wellness committee of employees who represent very diverse job functions and locations was put in place.

Together, EP and Lockton worked with Sonic Boom to develop goals for EP’s wellness program. In the end, it boiled down to these two goals:

  • Increase employee engagement through gamification and FUN.
  • Help employees adopt a lasting healthy lifestyle.

Celebrating a New Start

In order to reenergize their employees about wellness, EP hosted a launch party in November 2015 and handed out activity trackers. The EP wellness committee decided that the trackers were especially important to drive participation; attendees loved them. It was important for EP to introduce the new program the right way, specific to their culture and with genuine enthusiasm.

180-Degree Shift in EP Wellness

Since the launch, EP employees have made a 180-degree shift and fully embraced a new way of approaching wellness. EP employees have sought out innovative social features and new challenges. They even took home the gold in a fitness challenge involving multiple companies.

Finding A Cultural Match

The EP wellness story shows how culture can greatly influence tangible results in wellness, and Lockton’s role in finding appropriate solutions. This approach may not be for every Lockton client, but it is important to determine up front what motivates each client to seek out a wellness program. It comes down to finding a vendor that has values and ideas that complement those of the client.

The committee plays a significant role in the success of the wellness program. We have some pretty passionate people on the committee, both in California and our other offices that ensure events run smoothly. They are the wellness champions in their own spaces and bring unique perspectives to the table.”


-Stacy McCullough, EP Total Rewards Manager and Wellness Committee Member

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