Unique Solutions Produce Comprehensive Coverage

CPC Logistics Inc. (CPC) provides professional transportation services to ship goods for top private truck fleets across North America. The company, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., helps companies whose primary operation is outside of the trucking industry. CPC needed an insurance broker that could provide a collaborative and progressive approach to support its continued growth.

Complete Coverage

Managing the trucking needs of large retail, product development, and industrial service companies presents significant challenges and creates obstacles in aligning the proper insurance coverage. As a result, CPC looks for comprehensive and transparent risk management programs, particularly in workers’ compensation and employee benefits. Lockton’s expertise ensures CPC and its clients are covered in those areas, and extends to include investment strategies, actuarial analysis, detailed analysis, and producing different forms of collateral.

“The services and approach that Lockton brought from the claims cost control and claims management side, as well as risk management and analytics, was very unique to us,” explained John Bickel Jr., Vice President of Risk Management. 

Proven Results

Lockton developed a customized solution that addressed an issue with claim adjustments, which created a reduction in risk management costs by nearly 60 percent, decreased administrative workload, and provided CPC with more resources. In addition, Lockton helped to implement safety presentations for driver’s meetings and began working directly with the managers who oversee the day-to-day driver operations.

“Lockton is a great business partner,” Bickel said. “They take the time to understand what our challenges are as a business and have the expertise to solve them.”

Lockton is top shelf. Through a well-rounded offering and approach to risk management, Lockton has helped make our business better.”

– John Bickel Jr., Vice President of Risk Management

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Read the full story of how Lockton’s collaboration with CPC Logistics Inc. helped to streamline the business and eliminate challenges for the professional transportation company.