Employee-owned with Offices Worldwide

Burns & McDonnell is an engineering, architecture, construction, environmental, and consulting services firm with 2,100 professionals at its world headquarters. It operates more than 30 offices worldwide and is 100 percent employee-owned.

Challenges to Health and Well-being

As Burns & McDonnell has grown over the years, so have some its challenges related to employee-owner health and well-being:

  • Most employee-owners are billable, working long hours and dealing with high stress levels.
  • Many clients are out of town, causing employee-owners to travel fairly regularly.
  • Traveling employee-owners generally don’t eat well and have little time for exercise.
  • According to claims data, high blood pressure and cholesterol are common conditions for the company’s primarily male population.
  • Tight work schedules and gender stereotypes lead to a resistance to seeing a doctor for preventive care or illness.

A Creative Idea

As an employee-owned firm, company profits are funneled back to employees. Therefore, as the benefits administration team evaluated the organization’s rising healthcare costs and the health challenges facing its employee-owner population, it sought a creative solution—one that would personally benefit individuals’ health while reducing costs for the company as a whole.

That’s when the idea of creating an on-site health clinic at world headquarters was born.

After conducting a feasibility study and assessing employee attitudes, Burns & McDonnell opened its on-site health center in March 2012. Working with an outside vendor, the clinic is staffed with a nurse practitioner and a registered nurse who also functions as a health coach.

Our health center has been a huge success beyond our wildest dreams."

-Melissa Wood, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

The Cornerstone of Health Risk Management

The health center has been fully integrated into Burns & McDonnell’s overall Lockton Health Risk Solutions® program. The skills of the health coach have been leveraged wherever possible. Each time a prevalent health issue is identified, whether through review of claims data or InfoLock® Employee Benefits data, solutions are promoted through the health center.

Early evidence shows signs of progress in employee-owner health outcomes. For those employee-owners who engaged in health coaching, 24 percent had a 10 percent reduction in body weight. The other 76 percent maintained their weight. Four percent of obese employee-owners reduced their body mass index to overweight. With this shift, the organization anticipates an eventual reduction in other risk factors, such as cholesterol and blood pressure.

Early Financial Indicators

Although leadership was cautioned that financial success with an on-site clinic typically takes time, the health center began proving its value from a financial standpoint in its first year.

Since coming to the health center, I have lost nine pounds. The biweekly health coaching sessions motivate me to achieve the goals that I set when I visit. I love this health center!"

-Burns & McDonnell employee-owner

Project Timeline

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To learn more about how Burns & McDonnell created their on-site clinic and integrated it into their overall health risk management strategy, download the full story.