Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

In the event you are affected by storms this season, Lockton's catastrophe response team is ready to assist. We are closely monitoring storm activity and are ready to respond to any claims you may incur.

Hurricane - Preparations and Recovery

Please click the Alert to learn more about how to use insurance to prepare for and recover from Hurricane Laura. 

Starr Marine has produced a 2020 hurricane preparedness brochure. The brochure provides hurricane preparation response checklists and best practices to mitigate physical damage and business interruption impacts. Please click the brochure below to learn more.

For additional information please contact your Lockton Account Team.

Storms and Flooding

Below are links to resources with information about storm preparedness and recovery.

Expert Crisis Response

After a major catastrophic event involving widespread damage and devastation, what you need most is expert crisis response and catastrophe claims support. Lockton clients resolve catastrophic insurance claims faster and with fewer hassles, under the guidance of our dedicated CAT Team.

Infographic - A Faster Path to Claims Resolution

Lockton plans in advance for impending natural disasters, and we share the plan with clients in affected areas. There is no time wasted if and when you need to report a claim.

More Information

For more information on disaster preparation and recovery, visit these sites:

For more assistance in developing your disaster preparedness plan, work with your Lockton Risk Control Advisor and use other available tools, such as: 

Earthquake - Important links

Below are links to resources with information about earthquake preparedness and recovery. Please contact your Lockton account team for assistance.


The 2020 wildfire season has led to unprecedented devastations. The links below provide updates about the state of current fires and relief resources.

If your business has been impacted by wildfires, contact your Lockton account team for assistance.

Please click for the latest Wildfire action plan, property risk management guide from Liberty Mutual Insurance and the latest Wildfire/bushfire resources from FM Global.

Winter Storm

The weather in 2021 has come in strong with freezing weather across many parts of the continental United States. Reports show that over 70% of the continent is covered in snow. As with all inclement events especially those surrounding weather, our clients have questions about their property insurance. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Has there been physical damage to the property?
  • Has there been an outage of power or other utilities at the client location?  If so, what is the cause?
  • Are there damages to perishable inventory?
  • Was the client business closed due to the current weather event?

Client should first of all discuss the impacts to operations with their Lockton claims advocate to understand the policy in place for the location and REPORT THE CLAIM. It is critical to fully document the events, timing, and impact to any and all client locations. Photographs or any other visual evidence is extremely beneficial.

Policies could respond to:

Collapse of building components; Utility outages; closures due to power or other utility outages; frozen piping; etc. and water damages associated with pipe bursts, mechanical and electrical that are causal may be excluded from resulting power damages and impacts. Losses within policy deductibles will also be evaluated closely by insurers. The freeze event(s) have been named by the weather authorities, but this may not implicate “Named Storm” policy wording. Finally, there may be occurrence issues as the event(s) of impact have spread over a several day period.


  • Contact your Lockton broker and risk management team.
  • Report the loss to insurers on your program.
  • Document, document, document any and all elements of loss or damage and closure.
  • Should water damage occur, involve restoration companies quickly to assist in stabilizing property.
  • If freezing temps persist, prepare for response once utilities are restored.
  • Damaged goods should be inventoried, photographed and discarded.
  • Establish timelines for communication with touchpoints with critical personnel.

Your Lockton Risk Consulting Team is available to assist in all elements of this impact. Please reach out and discuss any and all issues of concern. The Lockton CAT team is ready to assist with any client issue.

US Catastrophe Team Contacts

Sheri WilsonSheri Wilson
National Claims Director
+214 969 6721
[email protected]

Brad WantzBrad Wantz
Senior Claims Consultant
+213 689 4241
[email protected]

Steve Moehn

Steven Moehn
Senior Claims Consultant
+314 812 3194
[email protected]

Chuck AndersonChuck Anderson
Senior Claims Consultant
+214 969 6770
[email protected]

Pat KelsayPat Kelsay
Claims Consultant
+202 414 2461
[email protected]

Terri HilemanTerri Hileman
Claims Consultant
+303 414 6435
[email protected]


Matt Gurga

Matt Gurga
Property & Claims Coverage
+213 689 2465
[email protected]


Greg Oczkowski

Greg Oczkowski
Senior Claims Consultant
+571 232 0745
[email protected]


Dustin Carney
Senior Claims Consultant
+816 960 9773
[email protected]

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