How can I get a job at Lockton?

If you’re interested in joining Lockton, you can browse a complete list of our open positions across all US and UK locations and apply online. If you don’t see the exact position you want, we encourage you to apply as a general applicant. Know someone who already works at Lockton? Ask that individual to submit your resume on your behalf. We’re big fans of referrals!

If my dream job isn’t listed in your open positions, can I still apply?

Yes, please do! Just search for “general applicant,” complete the information and upload your resume. Sometimes we have roles for which someone is the perfect fit, but they don’t realize it. Let us help you figure that out. Please click to see our open positions.

We’re big fans of referrals!

Who Thrives at Lockton?

Hear what Lockton Associates have to say.

What kind of degree do I need?

We hire individuals with a variety of degrees – some you’d expect and some that might surprise you. Your long-term career at Lockton is likely not going to be determined by which major you selected. If you’re driven to succeed and you’re ready to learn, we want to hear from you.

What’s it like to work at Lockton?

This can be a hard question to answer because it seems that most days are a bit different. But there are underlying themes to work life at Lockton. It’s fast paced, leaving little time for boredom. It’s high energy. It’s energizing when you work with teammates to design creative solutions to business challenges. And, believe it or not, it’s usually fun.

Why would I choose a career in insurance?

You may have the impression that insurance is boring, dry and all about transactions. Trust us, we’ve heard every negative comment there is and every misperception. But the truth is that insurance is a fascinating, complex industry. It’s really about connecting with people and helping solve their problems.

Because Lockton serves clients in so many industries, you’ll get to see how global business works. You’ll meet fascinating, smart business leaders.  And because of the wide range of roles in insurance, and particularly at Lockton, you can forge your own path.

So it seems the question you should be asking yourself is why wouldn’t you choose a career in insurance?

What if I don’t know anything about insurance?

If you’re at the beginning of your career, we don’t expect you to know all about insurance when you arrive at Lockton. We have smart, experienced people who can teach you what you need to know about the business. If you have the desire to always learn something new, the ability to collaborate, and loads of energy, Lockton is a great place to learn the business and grow a lifelong career.

Are all jobs focused on insurance?

Not all. Yes, we’re an insurance broker, so naturally many of the roles here are focused on various aspects of insurance, both for property and casualty and employee benefits. In general, a wide range of opportunities exists for those interested in accounting, human resources, project management, communications, data analytics, actuarial science, sales, service and more.

What kind of people work at Lockton?

In our opinion, the best kinds of people work at Lockton! But to be more specific, we have people with all kinds of skill sets. We have people who excel at finance and others who are stellar communicators, and everything in between. We have people who have every kind of major there is: risk management, actuarial science, accounting, business, journalism, law, and so on. People who work at Lockton work hard. They are intensely curious and ask the right questions. They go the extra mile. They are passionate about solving problems for clients. Most of all, they want to win!

How do you teach your Associates new skills?

Learning is a way of life at Lockton. We ensure you know what you need to, to be successful, in a variety of ways. We offer a mentor program so you can learn from a seasoned professional right here at Lockton. We have a top-notch Associate Development team that teaches a variety of skills. And we often offer study groups to support those pursuing certain professional designations.

Is Lockton a friendly, social company?

Absolutely! We come together as a company to participate in the Corporate Challenge. Individual groups design their own team-building activities. We turn charity fundraising into social opportunities. And did we mention Beer Friday? 

Do I have to live in Kansas City to work for Lockton?

Because it’s home to our business, we’re partial to Kansas City. But we have major operations in some of the greatest cities in the world. Lockton has more than 75 offices, giving you ample opportunity to be part of the organization.

What kind of benefits do you offer?

A key part of our business is creating employee benefits programs for our clients. We practice what we preach, offering the best of the best to our own Associates – including the chance to earn your way to significantly lower premiums for health insurance if you participate in our wellness program. We also offer a variety of work perks that create a more positive work environment. Please click for more specifics on our US benefits.

Does Lockton give back to the community?

Absolutely! We focus on three pillars at Lockton: Associates, Clients and the Community. We offer a variety of ways for you to get involved with causes you’re really passionate about, throughout the year.

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