Rob has 20 years of industry experience in employee benefits from both the carrier and consultant/broker sides of business, the expertise to assess your company's employee benefit needs, and the resources to implement a plan structured just for you.

Rob is originally from Louisville, Kentucky and moved to Dallas in 1996. He began his career at UNUM and was recognized as an industry leader, multiple award recipient, mentor and ancillary professional.

Formerly a Senior Account Executive in sales for both UNUM and Lincoln Financial Group, his responsibilities encompassed: National Accounts, Non-National Accounts, Customer Service, Voluntary Worksite Benefits, Enrollment Solutions, Absence Management and FMLA.

Rob joined Lockton Dunning Benefits at the beginning of 2015 as a Vice President. He currently splits his time between the Dallas office and Louisville, where he is a member of several organizations such as St. Xavier Alumni Association, the Society for Human Resource Management - Louisville, and is passionately involved with Twisted Pink charity of Louisville as a member of the board of directors.



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Our unique approach of focusing on each client individually, has resulted in Lockton Dunning Benefits becoming the largest benefits consulting office in the country.

  • Rethinking Employee Benefits - The investments you make in employee benefits deserve maximum returns. We partner with you—helping you make your business better—and deliver results because we take your success personally. We offer expertise in many areas including: executive retirement, insurance and benefits, wealth management, business development, retirement planning, and total rewards strategy. The focus is on you.
  • Comprehensive Solutions - Working closely with a large group of insurance carriers and administrators for a broad range of benefits and a depth of choices, your Lockton team will make recommendations to create an integrated, comprehensive business insurance and benefits solution that matches your unique organization. We are a boutique firm that optimizes intimacy and expertise.
  • Engaged and Empowered - Your dedicated solutions team is experienced and committed. You will find them as engaged with your long-term benefits administration process as they are with the day-to-day needs of your employees.


Consistent and frequent communication with employees is essential to attract and retain talented people and change behavior. Employees are able to make better-informed decisions regarding lifestyle choices and healthcare options when they have clear communication on topics such as health plan design, consumerism, pharmacy, health risk management, healthcare delivery, ancillary products, and technology.

Lockton Employee Communications and client service teams help you determine the appropriate mix of communications based on your plans, demographics, locations, etc., as well as implement a communication plan that outlines your goals and objectives.


Many factors have contributed toward increased risk for self-insured clients in recent years. Beyond the typical shifts in the market, a growing proliferation of high-cost claims, particularly claims exceeding $1 million, and the reinsurance market structure pose increased challenges for employers. In addition, recent healthcare reform measures have resulted in changes that can result in greater demands on a company’s budget.

Realizing traditional approaches to purchasing medical reinsurance were inefficient, we developed LDB’s exclusive Premium Stabilization Program; a three-year program which provides clients with reinsurance rate predictability and laser protection. LDB’s specialized team also delivers expanded policy management and placement services.

Additionally, the practice’s unique Complex Claims and Cost Containment Unit serves as a dedicated clinical resource, proactively monitoring high-cost claimants and employing clinical strategies to achieve claims savings.


The roles of culture, morale, and wellness are increasingly recognized for their wide-reaching influence on organizational effectiveness, mitigating employer risk, and their tangible impact on company performance.

We pride ourselves in understanding your organization, your industry, and the resources of Lockton. With this combined knowledge comes the empowerment to deliver customized solutions that fit your organization and optimize your employee benefits. Working in collaboration with your human resources team, we will enhance your employee benefits, deliver data analytics and wellness services, and improve employee communication to update recruitment efforts and reduce turnover. The substantial investments you make in employee benefits deserve maximum returns that offer the greatest benefit to your company and your employees.


A dedicated team of Lockton retirement plan specialists provides our clients with accurate, timely, and comprehensive consultation for a variety of retirement plans. This expert Retirement Services Team is especially valuable to our clients, for significant fiduciary responsibility and liability are present when representing the interests of qualified plan participants. When it comes to retirement plan consulting, experience and expertise are essential and the Retirement Services Team has years of experience in designing, implementing, and servicing qualified plans.


Several marketplace forces are impacting pharmacy utilization, drug cost, and inflation. Lockton’s Pharmacy Solutions consulting team works to optimize Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) arrangements and leverage improved vendor relationships in an effort to maximize all cost savings opportunities for our clients.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
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