Understanding Your Business

Our clients count on us to deliver exceptional results that drive success today and into the future. Lockton Advantage fosters a deep understanding of your business and industry segment. We look at your business goals, then connect those goals with a clear set of risk management and employee benefit objectives.

This approach helps clients gain new insights into their business and we find ways to help reduce costs, increase safety, improve health, and drive business results.

Lockton Advantage Vision

We don’t believe in the status quo. Our Associates strive to determine what’s best for our clients’ next set of objectives, with a thoughtful eye toward measurable results. From there, we deliver a proactive plan for success. 

Lockton's experts used the Lockton Advantage approach to collaborate with Sealed Air executives to connect their business goals to a clear set of risk management objectives. Learn more here.

Our job is very simple – to make our clients’ business better.”

Strategic Consulting

Our clients' businesses are evolving at an accelerated pace. Given this, the ongoing assessment of insurance, human resources, risk finance, and risk management strategies is a business imperative that delivers results for your business.

Our proprietary Lockton Advantage approach creates strong alignment between a client's business strategy and its risk management and employee benefits strategies. The result is a multi-year strategic plan, focused on delivering results with key metrics that drive our client’s business. We develop the plan using a robust set of business intelligence tools and analytics.

Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing."

- Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author

Business Intelligence

To drive unique insights and results, we must acquire a deep understanding of our client’s business and industry segment.  Lockton’s experts work closely with our clients, using an array of tools to closely examine their issues. By doing so, we’re able to develop tailored strategies that align with  the unique needs of the business. 

The tools we use create a common language for our teams, so they can focus on what matters most to our clients. These tools include:

  • Operational Profile
  • Risk Heat Map
  • Strategic Risk Matrix
  • Financial Analysis
  • External Landscape


Analytics help our team in two important ways. First, they guide overall strategy by highlighting the areas that create the most value for our clients. Deep analytics can drive insights that are counter-intuitive and create uncommon results.

Second, analytics place values on all strategies, enabling us to prioritize. We put potential strategies on a matrix to illuminate client value and ease of execution. We focus the team efforts and energy on only the highest impact areas, while eliminating or streamlining all low value areas.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
See our Client Stories