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Lockton Private Clients is an elite service providing a comprehensive, strategic solution to the insurance needs of individuals and families owning a complex portfolio of fixed and mobile assets.

It's our job to understand our clients' unique interests and find smarter, bespoke ways to manage the insurance risks that they give rise to.

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Clients receive a simple, inclusive solution encompassing all manner of motor assets: family, staff and everyday vehicles, super and performance cars, classic cars, rare collections, quad bikes and motorised mowers. 

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We cover diverse property portfolios including private residences, international dwellings, overseas villas and holiday homes, stately homes, city residences, countryside retreats, properties for family members and properties in trust. 

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Whether our clients need cover for rare, priceless pieces of historic importance or a constantly changing collection of modern art, our cover is customized according to acquisition patterns whether frequent or sporadic, agreed values and varied settlement bases with a specific focus on risk management.

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Quality jewellery is not only a fashion statement but also a high value investment class in its own right. We can arrange flexible insurance solutions that allow clients to acquire pieces at will in the knowledge that cover is automatically in place to pre-agreed limits.

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We provide comprehensive and realistic cover tailored to the complex and boundless travel needs of our clients for both business and pleasure purposes. 

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Yacht and Superyacht

Lockton's Yacht Practice offers specialist advice and expertise, working with clients to tailor Yacht insurance programmes that meet the complex needs of Yacht ownership and provide comprehensive insurance resolutions for vessels of all sizes.

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Whether cover is needed for a helicopter, single engine piston, private or corporate jet the ownership and operation of aircraft exposes clients to very specific and potentially large risks. 

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Typical portfolios might include stately homes, residential, commercial and agricultural buildings, estate vehicle fleets, livestock, game and acreage, whether it be managed and farmed in-house or contracted out, and public, products and employers' liability.

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We provide specialist expertise to assess and mitigate specific risks for uncommon assets or scenarios. 

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Rachel Gilliam, Senior Vice President
+44 (0) 207 933 2605

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Discover more Insights & Publications
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