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Lockton Mexico Recognized for Its Culture of Health

Lockton Mexico is a shining example of an organization that practices what it preaches when it comes to creating a healthy employee population.  The group was recently awarded the Value-Based Health (VBH) Award by the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) at the organization's 13th annual international conference in Orlando, Florida.  Fernando Ortega, Lockton Mexico's CEO, was on hand to receive the award. 

To earn this honor, Lockton Mexico was required to demonstrate its efforts to improve employee health by reducing risks and future costs, improving clinical outcomes, and increasing employee engagement as a way to improve lifestyle behaviors. The organization pursued changes in health benefit design, established wellness and disease management programs, and developing a culture of health that is supported by leadership. 

 "This award reinforces the importance of wellness programs in Mexico and all over the world. It encourages companies to create culture change by implementing programs that improve the health and, therefore, the performance of their employees," said Mr. Ortega. 

Lockton Mexico has been recognized before for its wellness practices. In 2012, the Mexican Human Resources Association gave Lockton the award for the company with the best health practices (in the "less than 500 employees" category). In addition, Mexico City Government awarded the distinctive Empresa Saludablemente Responsible (Healthy Responsible Enterprise) to Lockton Mexico. 

Pictured from left to right: Fernando Ortega (Chairman, Lockton Mexico), Steve Priddy (Executive Director of Employer Relations at IHPM), Annel Lozano (Health Strategy Consultant, Lockton Mexico)

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