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Lockton Mexico Named a ‘Responsibly Healthy Organization’

Lockton Mexico was recognized for fourth consecutive year as a Responsibly Healthy Organization by the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico. This recognition is awarded to companies that conduct activities which contribute to healthier work environments, promote new lifestyles, and improve the quality of life of workers. Due to Lockton Mexico’s efforts below, the office was able earn this “healthy” honor:

  • Improving the quality of life of Associates: Implemented holistic programs created according to previous feedback (burnout, organizational environment, medical and physical checkups). This enabled them to target their offerings and communication to Associates’ needs.
  • Promoting healthy habits: Included nutritional, physical, social, and psychological campaigns and programs focused on rest and energy balance, ergonomics, in-house nutrition services, and physical classes. In addition, conducted workshops that catered to the psychological, health, and social needs of our Associates.
  • “Vivir Bien” (Living Well): Used technology such as apps to support and communicate internal wellness initiatives to Associates.
  • Community Involvement: Promoted teamwork in programs, workshops, and events to support social responsibility such as races and fundraising for various causes.

Lockton Mexico celebrates being named a ‘Responsibly Healthy Organization’ with fellow award winner and principal client KPMG. From left: Arturo Graue Lozano (KPMG); Annel Lozano, Subdirector of Wellness; Patricia Rosales, Executive Director; and Gilberto García Colín (KPMG).

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