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Independent Research Praises Lockton Service Quality

Lockton outperforms larger competitors in Greenwich study 

(Kansas City, MO) - 8 March 2011 - An independent research study of large corporate commercial insurance clients shows that Lockton outperforms its larger insurance broker competitors in quality of service. 

Greenwich Associates, a leading financial services research firm, revealed that "The nation's largest insurance brokers are being outperformed by smaller firms that deliver much higher levels of service quality to corporate clients." 

Says David Fox, of Greenwich, "Corporate risk managers say the smaller firms are able to marshal the resources needed to meet their needs because their organizations are built on client-centric models." 

Lockton is a top performing broker in the survey of corporate risk managers, earning Greenwich's Broker Excellence Award. 

Greenwich's Fox adds that risk managers see that brokers like Lockton "are being more interested in being partners, as opposed to providers." 

Greenwich conducted in-depth interviews with 676 large companies about their insurance needs and providers.  To be considered for the study, a broker had to serve a minimum of 50 respondents. 

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