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St. Luke’s Reaps Benefits of Workers’ Comp Program with Lockton’s Help

Caring for employees who care for patients is essential in keeping workers’ compensation costs low for St. Luke’s Health System Ltd. Lockton helped develop the health systems workers’ compensation program in 2015 when they became their broker.

Risk & Insurance recently recognized the Boise, Idaho-based company with the 2016 Teddy Award Honorable Mention for implementing a program where workers’ compensation claims adjusters meet face-to-face with injured workers. 

Lockton’s VP and Senior Loss Consultant Lori Severson explains to Risk and Insurance that immediate response to injury, attention to safety and an attitude that says employees will be taken care of and returned to work, keeps workers’ compensation costs “very low.”

To learn more about St. Luke’s self-administered workers’ compensation program, read the article online.   

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