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Meeting the Global Risk Challenge

The threat of "macro risks"-economic meltdown, supply chain disruptions or huge natural disasters-dominate the list of worries for global risk managers. Three risk managers for leading global companies joined a discussion at the 2013 Lockton Global Partner Conference in Los Angeles, CA to share their views on how to mitigate and manage global risks.

The Editorial Director of Commercial Risk Europe, Adrian Ladbury hosted the debate with   Jorge Luzzi of Pirelli, Gwen Klees of GLV and Robert Zhang YUM! Brands. They discussed discussed overarching concerns, senior management views on risk management, and service standards for brokers.

All agreed credit risks and supply chain exposures were the primary concerns for their organizations.  They went on to explain how integrating risk management into the company's planning and business operations can improve performance reduce these concerns.

"The risk of not understanding your local environment and not having the right partners supporting you to understand that environment has to be a risk for all global companies," said Gwen Klees, Vice President Legal Affairs at GLV Inc.

Watch the highlights of the discussion, hosted by Adrian Ladbury of Commercial Risk Europe.

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