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Lockton’s WIL Conference Highlights Women Effecting Change









Lockton’s Women in Leadership (WIL) organization recently hosted its fourth annual Women in Leadership National Meeting in Kansas City, Mo. This year’s conference served as a networking and professional development event for Lockton leaders from across the U.S., with the theme of “Women Effecting Change.”

Amelia Rose Earhart was featured as the keynote speaker, sharing her extraordinary personal achievements.

Earhart’s journey began at the age of 21, when she decided it was time to make the most of her given name. Although she isn’t related to Amelia Mary Earhart – the pilot, the latter day Amelia felt a calling to complete what the first Amelia Earhart started – a flight around the world. “Amelia is truly a woman effecting change,” said Claudia Mandato, Operations Executive and co-founder of Lockton’s WIL program. “She is helping pave the way for women in leadership through her endeavors.”

More Learning, More Networking

Business coach Pam Evanson of Lappin 180 was also a featured speaker, leading an exercise that helped women in attendance recognize their communication styles, and those of their peers. The day ended with networking, dinner, and an exclusive screening of Women of the Storm, a tale of courage following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Day two of the 2015 National Meeting kicked off with an optional wellness walk/run and yoga, followed by updates from many of Lockton’s local offices on what their Women in Leadership chapters have accomplished over the past year. The morning also included sessions on developing critical thinking skills, led by Evanson, and a refresher on using social media for business by Amy Ritterskamp, Communications Research Specialist at Lockton.

“Associates relished the opportunity to learn about ways they could make a greater impact by considering their personal mindset and how they can impact their experiences by coming from a position of abundance,” said Lisa Wall, Risk Practice Leader and co-founder of Lockton’s WIL program.

It’s Just Common Sense

Author John Keyer closed the conference with insight from his book, Make Way for Women. He spoke about common sense leadership and how women are evolving in the workforce.

Next Up

Plans are underway for the 2016 Lockton Women in Leadership National Meeting and other local events at Lockton’s offices. Associates are encouraged to watch for details of upcoming activities. “Women across Lockton look forward to this meeting every year, and it just keeps getting better,” said Diane Childress, Senior Vice President, Lockton - Dallas, and one of the organizers of the national meeting.

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