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Lockton Singapore’s Jackson and Sirajudin Offer Best HR Practices for ‘Happy Workers’

Both Richard Jackson, Senior Vice President in Singapore, and Aniz Sirajudin, Assistant Vice President in Singapore, were recently featured as contributing writers for the Singapore Business Review due to their expertise in human resources and employee benefits.

In two articles, Jackson discusses the importance of providing a competitive work environment, complete with programs for increased productivity and engagement, to retain skilled workers.

“One way to keep employees happy is to make each employee special,” explained Jackson. “You can tailor employee benefits to match the individual – it’s not one-size fits all.”

Sirajudin’s article focuses on specific options for employers as they battle the less desirable traits of the Singapore job market: high staff turn-over, skilled labor shortages, and difficulty finding “good people.”

“Businesses need to be prepared to offer a range of benefits and flex structures to deliver on staff and managerial demands,” said Sirajudin. “Different people want different things, and smart businesses need to pay attention and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.”

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