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Lockton Remains Committed to Organic Growth

In a recent article with Reactions magazine, Lockton president and CEO John Lumelleau reiterated Lockton's commitment to organic growth. He believes this approach will keep Lockton competitive in the international broking industry, as opposed to the more aggressive expansions that some rivals have taken on in recent years.
"When you measure Lockton’s performance against the industry year on year, we acquit ourselves and outperform continuously, and that’s in an organic fashion. That’s what we’re all about," said Lumelleau.
A focus on organic growth allows Lockton to better manage and control the expanded business. As Lumelleau explained, acquisitions can have a considerable impact on the top line, but they also come with various issues that must be dealt with once the deal has been completed.
"We like to spend our time building around individuals and we’ve found that to be very fulfilling over the years," said Lumelleau. "It’s been a good way for us to build out our value proposition in an ever increasing fashion. We are sought after, and we sort through all kinds of opportunities for our business. There are all sorts of wonderful individuals in this industry who bring value and can expand our ability to provide our clients with the appropriate and creative solutions that they need."
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