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Lockton Global Benefits VP Presents around the World

In June alone, Nicholas Dobelbower, Vice President, Regional Practice Leader with Lockton Global Benefits, spoke at conferences in three different countries.

First, Dobelbower took part in a panel discussion on the future of global benefits at the Zurich Employee Benefits Network Conference June 4 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The following week, Dobelbower was back home in the United States, where he served as a faculty member of the IFEBP Certificate Program in Global Benefits June 10 in Chicago and gave an in-depth presentation on “Europe: Regional and Country Overview.”

Just one day later, Dobelbower led a session on “Employee Benefit Trends in the Americas” at the AIG Global Benefits Network Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

Next up? Dobelbower is staying stateside and speaking at a New England Employee Benefits Council program September 16 in Boston. Dobelbower will give a one and-a-half hour presentation on the application of Affordable Care Act (ACA) to expatriate and inpatriate medical coverage, as well as major regulatory developments affecting employee benefit plans outside of the United States.  

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