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Ebola and the Effect on Business Continuity Planning

The reactions to Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) have understandably varied from heightened anxiety to calmly understated aplomb. What has become clear is that fear of Ebola has affected far more people in the United States than the disease ever will.

This state of anxiety is not unexpected given the newness and poor understanding of the lethal yet hard-to-transmit disease. It is thus not surprising that the potential impact of EVD, aside from actually being infected by it, is compelling many business leaders and managers to address EVD issues whether they do business globally or just domestically.

As this situation progresses, it has drawn the attention of many businesses to evaluate their own preparedness to the potential impact Ebola may have on their operations and supply chain. This recognition has reminded many organizations that they must be prepared for Ebola and whatever else may come along.

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