Do No Harm to What Works

As the Affordable Care Act gained momentum on Capitol Hill in 2009, we formed our Health Reform Advisory Practice to guide you through the rocky waters of the ACA and help you chart the best course for your business.

Now the winds of health reform are blowing again. We're still here, at your side, to help you understand and navigate the challenges in whatever comes next.

Lockton's Position

“First, Do No Harm.”

As Congress continues the complex work of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, it must do no harm to what currently works and has worked well for decades. Employer-sponsored group health insurance works. Overwhelmingly, tens of millions of employees like their employer-sponsored group health insurance and want to keep it.

Legislative Updates

In 2009, as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) began to wind its way through Congress, Lockton’s Health Reform Advisory Practice (HRAP) began a long-running weekly legislative update series to keep you apprised of significant legislative developments as they unfolded on Capitol Hill. With the winds of health reform change again blowing in Washington, we are reinitiating those weekly updates.


  • May 26 - CBO Gives Good News and Bad on AHCA; Cost Projections Chill California Single Payer Initiative
  • May 19 - Is a Bipartisan Health Reform Bill Possible?
  • May 12 - Senate Review of Healthcare Reform Begins in Earnest, No Immediate Action Expected
  • May 5 - The Senate Takes the Repeal-and-Replace Baton
  • April 28 - Federal Health Reform Remains Uncertain; California Looks to Take Matters into its Own Hands
  • April 21 - Group of Moderate House Republicans Working with Freedom Caucus on Health Reform Deal
  • April 15 - Group of Moderate Republicans Working with Freedom Caucus on health reform Deal
  • April 14 - Congress in Recess, but Health Reform Rumors Swirl, and the Individual Market Looks for Help
  • April 7 - House Republicans Remain Committed to the American Health Care Act, Prove They Can Pass Bipartisan Health Care Legislation
  • March 31 - All (Mostly) Quiet on the Eastern Front; Slight Retreat, But No Surrender
  • March 17 - GOP ACA Alternative Survives and Advances
  • March 10 - GOP Repeal-and-Replace Bill Moving Quickly, but Many Obstacles Remain
  • March 3 - GOP Readies its Repeal-and-Replace Bill, Likely to Include Taxing Employees on Health Insurance 
  • Feb. 24 - Republicans Move On with ACA Repeal and Replace Despite Tough Town Hall Meetings
  • Feb. 17 - GOP Leaders Inching Closer to Releasing ACA Repeal and Replace Legislation
  • Feb. 10 - ACA Uncertainty Lingers and Another Proposal to Tax Employees' Health Insurance
  • Feb. 3 - Policy Retreat Fallout and Hearings on the Hill
  • Jan. 27 - Republicans "Retreat" on Affordable Care Act
  • Jan. 20 - Delay and Repair –Democrats’ ACA Strategy Emerges
  • Jan. 13 - ACA Repeal Effort Edges Forward, Still Little Clarity on Timeline for Replacement
  • Jan. 6 - New Congress Acts Quickly to Pave the Way to ACA Repeal


  • Dec. 30 - A Health Reform Call to Action
  • Dec. 22 - Employer Groups to Congress: Don’t Mess with Employer-Provided Insurance
  • Dec. 16 - Swift Repeal of the ACA Remains the Talk of DC
  • Dec. 9 - 21st Century Cures Act Clears Congress, Heads to the President’s Desk
  • Dec. 2 - The Affordable Care Act: Quick Death or Long Sunset?

Alerts and Webcasts



  • May 4 - American Health Care Act Clears House, Immediately Hits Stone Wall in Senate
  • March 7 - GOP Unwraps ACA Repeal & replace, Some good News, But a Long Way to Go
  • Jan. 23 - White House to Federal Agencies: Throttle Down on the Affordable Care Act


  • Nov. 9 - Decision 2016: What the Election Results Mean for Health Plan Sponsors



  • Jan. 6 - Repeal and Replace? Repeal and Delay? What the Health Reform is Going on Out There?

Employer-Provided Insurance Works

Additional Resources

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  • Feb. 21 - IRS to Accept Tax Returns Lacking Health Care Status; Employer Reporting Unchanged - SHRM
  • Feb. 20 - IRS Cites Trump’s Order and Accepts Tax Returns Skipping Obamacare Mandate – Kansas City Star 
  • Feb. 3 - Employers Fret Job-Based Coverage Vulnerable To Fallout From GOP Health Overhaul - Kaiser Health News
  • Jan. 24 - Navigating Compliance Issues Under Trump - Employee Benefit Advise
  • Jan. 24 - How Trump’s First Executive Order Could Affect Employer Health Plans -Society for Human Resource Management
  • Jan. 10 - Lockton Exec: In ACA Repeal, Congress Must Be Wary of Harming Consumers - Best Wire


  • Dec. 20 - Why Senate Democrats Could Help Replace the ACA - LifeHealthPro
  • Nov. 21 - IRS Delays Employers’ Deadline to Distribute ACA Reporting Form 1095 to Employees - Society for Human Resource Management
  • Nov. 11 - Farewell Mandates? ACA Likely to Change Substantially Under Trump Administration - Society for Human Resource Management
  • Nov. 9 - Obamacare, Numerous Regulations Face Trump Reversals - Kansas City Star
  • Nov. 9 - ACA Repeal Will Be a Priority, But Will Still Take Time - Kansas City Business Journal
  • Nov. 9 - What’s Next for the Affordable Care Act - Ingram's

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