Dedicated Service Team

Lockton delivers international insurance in a flexible way that makes sense for your firm. Lockton wins and retains accounts because we employ a service model where a dedicated Account Executive oversees service delivery and focuses on client risk management and employee benefits strategies. This model allows you to save costs by using only the resources you need.

You will benefit from having Lockton as a central point of delivery for global insurance, risk management and employee benefits solutions, and international service initiatives using technology, thought leadership, and commitment to excellent service.


We will help you navigate your global insurance program.

Service Excellence

Lockton’s Global Client Service Associates manage your existing global exposures. We proactively respond to new acquisitions and other opportunities as they arise. We analyze our client's global exposures and program structure consistently, creatively, and with the desire to establish a long-term partnership in a consultative rather than a transactional approach.

Lockton Global

Count on teamwork and the highest level of service from our partners in Lockton Global.

Core Global Services

Global Presence with Local Expertise

Navigating international risk is complex. The Lockton Global partnership gives clients full control over their global cost of risk and risk management philosophy. You will have access to world-class service and local expertise everywhere you operate.  We take the discussion beyond compliance—addressing the strategic and dynamic issues in global risk management.  You will experience consistency in service, defined by the service standards that we share with our Partners around the world.


Access to our global risk management insurance market reports assures quality decision-making. Lockton provides our clients a valuable source of information for global risk strategy formation.

The GlobalView insurance market reports provide detailed risk and environmental analysis on more than 170 territories throughout the world.

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Discover more Insights & Publications
Read more in the Lockton Newsroom
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