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Private exchanges. Public exchanges. Lockton’s Exchange Solutions Practice is at the forefront, helping clients determine whether a public or private exchange/marketplace might be right for them.

Trusted Advisor

As a trusted advisor, our Associates consider all available public and private exchange options, including Lockton’s own private exchange offerings. You’ll hear solid advice on the most appropriate exchange solutions in the market after our Associates guide you through analysis and the decision-making process to help ensure the decision you make is best suited for your business goals and the needs of your employees. If you need expertise and innovative advice about the overall market and the exchange landscape, our Exchange Solutions Practice can help.

Private Exchanges for Employee Benefits

At its core, a private exchange lets you offer employees access to a wide variety of health plan options and supplemental insurance products – a potentially broader range of options than you might otherwise be able to offer. Learn more in this brief video.

Learn About Private Exchanges

Our Custom Solutions

Depending on the needs of your business, Lockton will develop a private health insurance exchange just for you and your employees. Talk to our experts to learn about the latest innovative ideas in the market, and if a custom-built exchange is right for you.

Our Retiree Solution

The changing landscape of benefits have provided challenges and opportunities to employers to consider new approaches for their pre-65 and post-65 retiree health strategies.

The Exchange Solutions team can assist associates with exploring all of the available options for their client and prospect retiree populations.

As a trusted advisor, Lockton brings its expertise, innovation and market clout to bear, guiding employers through the analysis and decision-making process to ensure that decisions are made, best suited to specific employers’ business needs.

Focused on your employees’ health and wellness? Take a look at your retirement plans’ health as well. Learn more about Retirement Services.

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